Our Story

NEW WEBSITE: www.nzmanukaeggs.co.nz

Thank you, thank you all for your support, we really do appreciate it!!

Last year was a tough year for our company and our family. With an Australian company trying to steal our IP, which in turn meant our website, our emails and all internet content we had ever been in or mentioned in, was compromised. We lost years of information when a google search was done on our company, this took months and months of traugling through old material to find links to bring them live again (of course all of this done at home, with limited skills….and limited internet access – gotta love the country), we lost orders and emails from suppliers and customers, who in turn lost faith in us and our company. We tried our hardest to keep on top of it all, which put some strain on our family, but we keep fighting, we kept standing strong and we certainly did not let the Australian company think they had one over us….

During Covid-19, we have sat down and made a plan. We have given our company a good shake up!! We have created a new website (with upgraded security), today we have a new facebook page (which we will be uploading all of our achievements, suppliers etc over the upcoming weeks). We will have other social media pages up soon too.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you need to contact us about your orders, queries or concerns, please email us at info@nzmanukaeggs.co.nz and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks again for your continued support!!!! Keep safe!!!!