Our liquid smoke is derived from the resins and liquids held within the Manuka tree, the Manuka is sustainably harvested in the Southern hills of Beaumont, Lawrence, Central Otago, New Zealand.

The liquid smoke has a strong earthy, smoky aroma and flavour.  The concentrate can be used on any meat or veggie meal, great on steaks for the barbeque or in a stew, also great on roast veggies or a barbeque sauce.

We also produce Fresh Manuka Smoked Eggs. We cold smoke our eggs to keep them raw. The eggs are smoked for 6 hours, as a result a unique smoky Manuka flavour transfers to the egg. When fried the taste is like bacon and eggs but with out the bacon.

The eggs can be used in savoury dishes like savoury scones, used to batter fish or in paua and whitebait patties, mayonnaise etc, the list is endless.